Inspired Paleo Apple Crisp

Apple prepTonight, I wanted something sweet. I also wanted to use up some green apples I had purchased weeks (yes, weeks – 3 maybe?) ago. Before I continue, I have a confession. I love watching the Food Network. My current favorite show to watch is “The Pioneer Woman” and while her recipes aren’t exactly paleo (sometimes she’ll cook a steak and some veggies – TOTALLY paleo!), I like to think about how I could make them paleo. On her show the other day she made a peach cobbler and I knew I wanted to make a cobbler with the apples. I started thinking of all the ingredients I could replace in her recipe. Flour = almond flour! Milk = almond milk! However, I got lazy and decided to use my handy, dandy iPhone to search through the hard work of another paleo blogger. Then I found a paleo apple crisp recipe on The Freckled Foodie. It was like a dream come true. I replaced the sunflower seeds with toasted macadamia nuts and it turned out divine. I had some ice cream that I made  a few weeks ago stored in my freezer. As the apple crisp cooled down, the ice cream softened and I was left with perfect bites of heaven.

Apple PrepMy messy work station can be kind of dangerous. Another confession – I cook in my parent’s kitchen. I cannot wait for the day when I can cook in my own kitchen. Counter space galore! (Or so I hope) 

Paleo Apple CrispHere’s the finished product. It smelled delicious. I wanted to dive in but I knew I would regret it. I spent my whole childhood not being able to wait for food to cool down and then burning the roof of my mouth. I’m still curious as to how Guy Fieri can taste pizza hot out the oven without crying. The mysteries of television… 

Paleo Apple Crisp with Ice CreamAnd finally, what I’ve been craving. A little bit of a treat after a long weekend of treats. I’m terrible. I swear, I don’t only make sweets! Stay tuned for more drool- I mean, food pictures!


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