Let’s Try this Again

I’m not a stranger to blogging. In fact, I started blogging on LiveJournal when I was in high school. When I went to college, I left LiveJournal and moved to Blogger. Then I learned about Tumblr. I went back to Blogger right after that. Now I’m 26 years old and I feel this itch to blog again. This time with a purpose. What’s my purpose you ask? Well, that’s a bit complicated. See, I love food. I love food so much that I obsess over it. I think about it all the time. I remember the taste of delicious food, the smell, the way it made me feel (usually, GOOD). The problem with that is that I have struggled with my weight and my relationship with food since I was in elementary school. Two years ago, I found my strength – I found my motivation. She was hiding deep, deep down inside but when I started blogging about my weight loss, I – wait for it – LOST weight. I was responsible for checking in with myself every week, whether it was a gain or a loss. I took a picture and I wrote about what happened. That’s kind of my purpose with this. I want to be paleo – not to lose weight – but to feel better, to inspire myself more, and to most of all, challenge myself. So, let’s try this again. I want to be accountable and writing about food, working out, my day-to-day life will help me. Join me if you can! I can’t wait to share my “dreams” with you!